June 22, 2010
Thank you to all the residents, community leadership and Surfrider members who came out to the City Hall tonight. For many of us, after 14 years of activism this was a great moment and watching the democratic process work was wonderful and rewarding (though the public comments period throughout the meeting was, lets say, interesting). On behalf of over 1500 Long Beach Chapter members, thank you City Council, one day we hope to see you on the beach (in Long Beach not Huntington or Seal) as we watch and ride the surf as it hits our shore again……… 

Here is the voting results from the June 22 City Council Meeting:

District Name Motion: Become a local sponsor for the breakwater feasibility study and allocate $2.5 million from the Tideland fund toward the study
1 Robert Garcia YES
2 Suja Lowenthal YES
3 Gary DeLong YES
4 Patrick O’Donnell YES
5 Gerrie Schipske ABSENT
6 Dee Andrews YES
7 Tonia Reye Uranga
8 Rae Gablich YES
9 Val Larch YES