Recently, we’ve asked the Long Beach City Council about their position on the Long Beach Breakwater. (2/24/2010)

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District Name Question: Do you support reconfiguration of the Long Beach Breakwater AND bring waves back to Long Beach?
Mayor Bob Foster No response.
1 Robert Garcia 100%.  In my opinion, the reconfiguration of the Breakwater should be one of our city’s top priorities.  There is no better economic stimulus for Long Beach than waves.  An active beach would reactivate an entire beach front
2 Suja Lowenthal Yes, if the feasibility study confirms that reconfiguration and/or waves will improve water quality along our beaches and harbor.  I voted in support of the Reconnaissance Study and also hosted 3 public meetings with elected and agency representatives to discuss the impact of marine debris and non-point source pollution from the LA River upon our beaches and harbor.
3 Gary DeLong No response
4 Patrick O’Donnell Yes.
5 Gerrie Schipske She said “Yes” but now, no!
6 Dee Andrews No response
7 James Johnson
Yes, I support reconfiguration of the Breakwater to bring natural wave movement back to Long Beach and to restore our shore.  Our oceanfront should be one of our city’s greatest assets, and I believe reconfiguration could help restore this asset to what it should be–something all Long Beach residents can be proud of.
8 Rae Gablich No response (She supported the breakwater project in the past)
9 Steven Neal No response