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Breakwater Study Inching Forward

On October 6, 2014, the Army Corps of Engineers found $50k for the Breakwater Feasibility Study.  This, in combination with $50k from the City of Long Beach should just barely allow the Army Corps to re-scope the study to fit in the Army Corps' new 3x3x3 study format.  That means they have to make the study cost less than $3 million, take less than 3 years to complete, and utilize 3 levels of Corps review.  Once the study is re-scoped, the Corps can then notify Congress that they will be accepting donations from the local sponsor (City of Long Beach) and begin public meetings to figure out what is really in the study.  For local supporters, this means we still have to reach out to all relevant representatives.  This includes the Army Corps (through post cards), City Council (postcards & e-mails), President Obama's budget (post cards), representatives Alan Lowenthal and Janice Hahn (letters and phone calls).  Get your post cards at Seventh Wave Surf Shop or at any LB Surfrider meeting.

Army Corps Jo-Ellen Darcy