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LB Health Officer issues safety advisory for city beaches

Published 1/13/2010 on Press-Telegram

LONG BEACH - Long Beach City Health Officer Dr. Helene Calvet has issued an advisory for all city beaches after the recent rainfall.

High levels of bacteria from storm drains, rivers and polluted runoff enter the ocean after a significant rain. People are advised to avoid all ocean water contact for at least 72 hours, especially near those locations. For their safety, people should also pay close attention to any warning signs posted at the beach.

The Colorado Lagoon remains under a closure order because of a sewage spill Tuesday.

"The primary cause of the overflow was the roots from a private tree that blocked a section of the sewer pipeline," said Matthew Veeh of the Long Beach Water Department.

"While in there, our investigators also found some illegally dumped construction materials in the pipeline, Veeh said, and although they weren't a direct cause of the incident, "if additional materials continue to be illegally thrown into our sewer system, the possibility of future overflows will increase."

Information about city water quality can be obtained from the Health Department at 562-570- 4199, or at