The Surfrider Foundation Long Beach Chapter kicked off the 2020 chapter socials on Wednesday, January 8th at the Long Beach Beer Lab with a presentation about the Chapter’s signature program, the modification of the Long Beach Breakwater, and the recently released U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study Draft Report.

Chapter chair, Seamus Innes, hosted the evening and began his presentation with a brief overview about the Surfrider Foundation mission and the Chapter’s programs in the Long Beach community.

After giving the 30+ assembled guests a brief history of the Chapter’s longtime involvement with the breakwater issue, he reviewed the background and context of the Army Corps’ mandate and subsequent Study Draft Report submitted for review in November, 2019.

Explaining the differences between restoration and enhancement, Seamus stated that the Army Corps promised ecosystem restoration, restored water circulation and restored water clarity but instead delivered ecosystem enhancement.  In essence, the Chapter feels that the Army Corps of Engineers performed a ‘bait & switch’ on the Study and that they should revisit it to eliminate ecosystem enhancement alternatives and re-insert the water quality and water circulation goals and objectives.

Seamus urged guests to take action by signing the Chapter’s petition.

Ending the presentation, Seamus engaged in a Q & A and received a number of thoughtful questions and encouraging comments from the guests.


Send a letter to the Army Corps by January 27!