Recently, we’ve asked the Long Beach City Council about their position on Rise Above Plastics.

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District Name Question:Do you support legislation such as a plastic bag ban or tax that will help reduce and eventually eliminate the use of single-use plastics? 
Mayor Bob Foster No response.
1 Robert Garcia I would support a plastic bag ban as long as we worked with business on a plan for implementation.
2 Suja Lowenthal Yes.  In fact, I have been the Council’s strongest advocate for state and local measures to eliminate the use of plastic (and paper) single-use bags, encouraging residents to use canvas bags through my sponsorship of “A Day Without a Bag” and other free canvas bag events in the Second District.
3 Gary DeLong No response.
4 Patrick O’Donnell Yes.
5 Gerrie Schipske Yes.
6 Dee Andrews No response.
7 James Johnson
I believe in exploring taxes or fees on plastic bags that would help discourage or eliminate their use.  Currently, the use of these bags imposes a tremendous cost on our society in terms of polluting our streets and waterways, and we need to work to reduce this cost.
8 Rae Gablich No response.
9 Steven Neal No response.